Security Camera 360°

- 1080 p
- Vision 360°
- Infrared night vision
- Motion detection
- Two-way call

Smart bulb

- Adjustable color moods
- Remote control via App
- Function on IOS / Android
- Lifespan > 25,000 hours
- 8.5 W

ZigBee Smart Hub

Create your own Smart Home network with the Zigbee Smart Hub through the Internet and allows you to control, monitor and maximize efficiency for over 100 different devices that use our ZigBee based outlets, switches, dimmers, light bulbs and security products.

Door/Window Sensor

Opening sensor for doors and windows composed by a magnet and a sensor. Once the two components are separated an alert is given

WIFI Socket

Wifi Socket to switch on/off remotely your electronic devices. Works with ou without smart hub

Motion Sensor

- Highly reliable and stable
- Work with HomeMate App to remind you no matter where you are if someone unwanted is moving in your house
- Synchronize with other ZigBee devices;
- Turn on lights’ scenes once someone walk by
- Ultra low power consumption,
- The battery can last more than 1 year
- Free tool installation

WIFI Camera

- Motion notification
- Remote control
- Night vision
- Remote interaction
- Instant photo captures and movement records.
- Works with or withour Smart Hub

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